Fire and Safety training is gaining popularity with each passing year. This sector is generating numerous job opportunities. Fire and Safety courses are also popularly known as Fire and Safety Technology / Fire and Safety Management. Despite their different names, these courses share the same training module and content. Fire and Safety courses focus on the science of fire and firefighting. The training module covers topics such as fire, fire prevention, hydraulics, first-aid, firefighting equipment, communication systems, fire safety engineering, chemistry and physics. There’s a misconception that fire and safety professionals are hired only by fire brigades and firefighting departments. Actually, fire and safety professionals are also hired by chemical plants, industries, MNCs, Oil companies, refineries, electricity boards and construction firms.

To Reduce Accidents and enhance safe working environment in Industrial Sector, we introduced Safety related courses with specialization in Industrial Safety, Fire Safety, Environmental Health Safety, construction Safety etc. we also give Trainings in Forklift operation Safety, scaffolds Safety etc.We are providing best safety course training by using modern techniques and practical’s training.

We provide our efficient Man power service in Hazard Assessment, Safety, First Aid, Electrical, mechanical, Instrumentation, Civil – Maintenance & erection etc. to Industries and other Organizations.

Our modern construction methods are Safe, Innovative and low cost compared to Traditional construction methods. We also install Automatic Electrical and Electronic system to Agriculture, commercial and non-commercial buildings at low cost.